Prayer #9 Trust

trustDear Lord, forgive me for when I’ve not trusted You to provide for my needs, and also for when I’ve not asked You how I should use my possessions. I do put my trust in You. I acknowledge that You are not limited by my resources, and have no trouble providing for everything that is in Your will for me. Help me to hear Your voice so I will have the confidence to believe You with unshakeable faith. Let my faith for Your provision bring joy to Your heart as I trust You like a little child. I love You, Lord. You are so good! I ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord. Amen.

Scripture and Prayer #8 World’s Standard


II Timothy 3:1-5:
But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God—having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them.

(Pray this prayer with me.) Lord, help me to stay away from the influence of those who worship self, pleasure and the “good life”. Show me how to decrease the effect that the secular press and media is having on my heart, and strengthen me against it. I repent for taking on the standard of the world.

Prayer #7 Love of Money

anti-love of moneyLord, I choose to have no other gods before You. I want to be free from the love of money. I desire and need Your blessing. Please help me learn to be only a steward of the things You allow me to have. I want to use or give them away however and whenever You desire, and for Your glory. Expose any hidden pockets of greed or selfishness in my heart. Help me turn from my selfishness to You, and to be free from the wrongful love of money. Make my heart desperate for You without having to be driven to desperation by poverty and need. Make me a conduit for Your blessing to others. Show me where You can’t trust me to be a steward. Send people into my life as I need them, to reveal my wicked ways and to help me change. I pray these things knowing that You will answer, in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

Prayer #6 Giving

field040Lord, I know You are most often hindered in Your blessing of my life by the smallness in my heart to give to You and to others. Make me a radical, prompt-to-do-it, cheerful, big-hearted giver. Help me remember that as I give with the right motives, You will provide seed for more giving, and will provide for my needs. Grant me wisdom in my giving and help me to hear Your voice clearly. Forgive the stinginess in my heart, and remind me of how You and others have given so generously to me.

Lord Jesus, I want to be able to give abundantly to every good work as Your Spirit leads. Help me to sow liberally according to the little I have now, so I’ll have an abundance to give as my harvest comes in. In Your great name I ask it, Amen.


Prayer #5 Diligence

Lord, I know that Your plan is for me to work with diligence, and that Your financial blessing usually comes through my labor. I look to You as my source, but that does not excuse laziness as I work unto You and in obedience to the people You have given authority over my life. I will work as You provide opportunity, and unless You direct otherwise. I know the finances are not just to benefit me, but are also so that I can be useful in financing Your kingdom. Help me to find the balance between hard, diligent work, and putting my trust in You to provide my needs. I pray these things and I honor You in the Name of Jesus. Amen!

(Painting by Martin Driscoll)

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Prayer #4 Humility

Holy Spirit, convict me of areas in my life that I’ve never yielded to You, the parts of the world and of my natural life to which I am very much alive. I want to be dead to the world and alive to You.

I humble my self before You, Lord.  I hope in You, for only You can provide my real needs and bring fulfillment to my life. Teach me to give generously and lay up true treasures that will last.

Prayer #3 Focus


Lord, help me to know that money is not the answer to my problems, but that You are what I really need. You know how much financial blessing I can handle and stay on fire for You. Don’t give me more than I can handle, unless it is to test me for a short season. Teach me to be desperate for You, to love You more than all that money can buy. Show me how to stay humble no matter what my circumstances, so that You can finance Your kingdom through me as You desire. Teach me to adapt my lifestyle to Your will for me, not just to my current financial state. I want You to be able to trust me to pass on wealth, and not just enlarge my lust to spend everything I receive. In Jesus’ name I ask it, Amen.